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quick3D 3.0 3.0

quick3D 3.0 3.0

quick3D 3.0 Publisher's Description

quick3D 3.0 includes unique and accurate 3D file format conversion functions and a powerful command line interface. With the quick3D Viewer built in as well, the full version of quick3D 3.0 becomes a universal 3D file format solution.

While most 3D converters on the market often obscure and alter important data during a conversion, quick3D 3.0 creates output that represents the original file as accurately as is possible. Low-level control over a file's data and properties are provided through menu commands, or they can be automated using quick3D's command-line interface. The application includes tools for changing a files scale, vertex normals, texture maps, and surface properties, among others.

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Feature List
· Supported File Formats:
· (.q3o) quick3D Object
· (.q3s) quick3D Scene
· (.3d2) Stereo CAD-3D
· (.3ds) 3D Studio Model
· (.prj) 3D Studio Project
· (.cob) Truespace Model
· (.scn) Truespace Scene
· (.dxf) AutoCAD
· (.lwo) Lightwave
· (.mdl) Quake
· (.md2) Quake 2
· (.md3) Quake 3 Arena
· (.nff) Sense8 WorldToolKit
· (.obj) Wavefront
· (.off) GeomView Object
· (.ply) Polygon File Format
· (.pro) Power Render Pro
· (.vtk) Visualization Tool Kit
· (.x) Microsoft DirectX
· (.bmp) 24-bit Windows Bitmap
· (.jpeg) JPEG
· (.pcx) 8-bit PC Paintbrush
· (.ppm) 24-bit Portable RGB ASCII
· (.ppm) 24-bit Portable RGB Binary
· (.tga) TGA
· Converts between ALL supported 3D file formats.
· Powerful command line interface.
· Highly customizable HTML page export.
· Copy to clipboard.
· Display and scene features:
· Solid rendering
· Wireframe rendering
· Hidden lines removed rendering
· Lighting
· Texturing and texture quality
· Culling
· Axis display
· Pivot point toggle
· Bounding box display
· Print feature.
· Customizable background texture or color.
· Customizable depth cueing value and color.
· Gamma correction.
· Material applicator.
· Change texture map source images.
· Vertex scaling function.
· Triangulator.
· Normal generator.
· Normal inverter.
· Automatic viewport configuration.
· Hands-free rotation.
· Remembers recently loaded files and recently saved files.
· OpenGL hardware support.
· Simple and powerful interface.

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